Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cryogenic Treatment for Brake Rotors & Pads

At the Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. we process many brake rotors for cryogenic treatment. We cryo treat brake rotors and pads for recreational customers, but for the most part we do this service for commercial customers.

At the present, we cryo treat brakes for two ambulance fleets in Massachusetts. After speaking with the mechanics at both facilities, they have come to the conclusion that cryogenic treatment works on brake rotors very well. On average, they see 100% to 250% more longer life out of their brakes. This also greatly reduces their overhead costs because the brakes do not need to be changed as often as stock brakes. But, there are other reasons to cryo treat your brake rotors and pads.

Paul of a fleet maintenance company recently conducted a test between cryo treated and non-cryo treated brakes. Paul’s company builds and maintains Police Cars and Fire Trucks in a northwestern state. After the test, he found that the stopping distance when “hot” was 50 feet shorter with cryo treated brake rotors. As a result, he came to the conclusion that cryo treated brake rotors will prevent accidents. Paul’s testimonial can be seen below.

Purchasing a set of brakes and then having them cryo treated will result in shorter stopping distances in emergency situations. You will also save money because your brakes will last longer and you will not have to pay your mechanic several hundred dollars in labor for brake replacement. Cryogenic treatment on brakes also results in significantly less brake fade. Therefore, your brakes will offer consistent and predictable braking until they need to be replaced; if they ever need to be.

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Paul's Testimonial:

Hi Robin,

I own a company that builds and maintains Police Cars/Fire Trucks. We recently did a brake test on several brake rotors on Police cars. I took one OEM set and had them Cryo treated and they out performed every rotor in the test-Fade and stopping distance. The officers took the data from the test to the City Admin staff and showed that if the fleet was fitted with Cryo brakes it would prevent accidents. The stopping distance “hot” was almost 50 Feet shorter than the rest!



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