Monday, May 24, 2010

Improve the Wear Resistance of Motorsports Parts

In the racing industry, it is not unusual to see a high level of wear in parts that are subject to friction. As the parts rub against each other over time a thin layer of material can be removed. This will result in less efficiency and in some cases lower horsepower and torque figures.

A piston moving up and down in an engine block will wear. This will eventually lead to blow by which will cause the engine to lose actual horsepower and torque. In racing application, this can be a big issue. Therefore, between races, wear items are fixed and or replaced.

Cryogenic treatment improves wear resistance characteristics. The amount of friction is reduced between the moving parts. This allows motorsport engines to keep their high rates of horsepower and torque. Blow by will be reduced and in some cases eliminated. This means that tuned cars will retain performance with age rather than see it dwindle over time.

For more information about what cryogenics can do for your racing parts, take a look at our cryogenics for racing web page. If you have any questions or comments, please call (508) 459-7447 or email

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