Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dry Ice Blasting Printing Presses

Recently we were contracted by the Hub Folding Box Company, Inc. to clean several ink stations on a Heidelberg Speedmaster press located at their facility. The Hub Folding Box Company, Inc. is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts and creates specialty boxes for golf balls to bottles of Crown Royal. The company needed to have three ink stations cleaned. The reason for cleaning was that ink build-up was causing the rollers to bind up.

Fast forward a week from our initial meeting and we are arriving at the Hub Folding Box Company, Inc. on December 29th during the company’s winter shutdown. In less than an hour of our arrival we are setup and ready to go. We needed to focus our efforts cleaning the grippers, rollers, and surrounding structure of ink buildup and other contaminants. After blasting for a just a few minutes we realized how great an application this was. We have cleaned many other printing presses in the past, but this one cleaned faster than any other we ever worked on.

After about five hours of blasting, we had cleaned the three ink stations to our customer’s satisfaction. They were very pleased with the results and explained that we had saved them many man hours. Two hours later we were back in our home office. The bottom line is that dry ice blasting is very effective at cleaning water based inks.

If you are interested in learning more about dry ice blasting to remove ink buildup from your printing presses, please contact Ryan M. Taylor at (508) 459-7447. We are able to provide our dry ice blasting contract services on an as needed basis, or we can supply you with Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment that fits your needs. If you would like to learn more about Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment, please contact us at (508) 757-2300.

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