Monday, March 23, 2009

We Will Source Your Brake Rotors for Cryogenic Treatment

At the Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. we offer cryogenic treatment for brake rotors and pads. In recent times, many customers have been asking if we can supply the rotors, complete cryo treatment, and then ship them to the customer...Now we can. We can get you OEM and aftermarket rotors and pads from different manufacturers including AC Delco, Brembo, Zimmermann, Raybestos, and others. This saves our customers on expensive shipping costs one way to our facility. Plus, due to our relationship with our vendors we are able to source our rotors and brake pads at significantly discounted prices. These discounts are then passed on to our customers.

If you are ready to cryogenically treat your brake rotors or pads, then give us a call at 800-739-7949. If you would like to know why you should cryo treat then please read on.

Here are the reasons why you should treat your brake rotors.

1. Treating your brake rotors will allow for better wear resistance. They will last longer as a result; often 200% to 300% longer.
2. Your brake rotors will wear more evenly. This will allow for a smoother stopping surface for faster braking.
3. Brakes will be able to dissipate heat faster due to better thermal properties after cryo treatment. This will reduce brake fade and allow for shorter braking distances.
4. Think of the labor savings. If you do not have to change rotors and pads for 100,000 miles then you will save on the labor of two or more brake jobs, which amounts to hundreds of dollars.
5. Cross-drilled rotors will see a reduction in cracking and develop cracks much later in life. Many customers have treated these rotors and have seen a 300% increase in rotor lifetime.
6. Customers have reported that cryo treated brake systems allow for more than 50 feet shorter stopping distances when hot.

For more information about cryogenic treatment for brake rotors, please visit Cryogenics for Racing. Please remember that non-metallic brake pads should not be cryogenically treated (I.E. ceramic or semi-metallic pads).

Cryogenically treated brakes are beneficial to fleet customers, racers, and every day drivers. You will enjoy safer braking, longer brake part lifetime, and best of all you will save money. We can source rotors and brake pads for you at great prices! As always, if you would like to provide your own rotors or pads we are more than happy to cryogenically treat them.

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