Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deburring Cross Holes

Cross holes can be an issue for many machinists working with plastic materials. As a hole is machined into another hole, burrs will pop up once the tool is removed. While some CNC machines allow you to deburr right on the machine, most do not. Plus, these burrs are hard to reach and are at odd angles. This leaves a few options for finishing the parts and removing the burrs.

A typical method would involve several hand tools to remove the burrs. It would involve a lot of tedious work with a high level of finesse. These burrs are usually hunks of material that are not going to come out easy. Sometimes, parts like these will take up to 15 minutes deburr. Do you really want your employees spending 15 minutes deburring cross holes on parts? Wouldn’t it be better to send them somewhere where the parts can be deburred by a machine for less money?

Cryogenic deburring uses media as small as 0.006” to get into these hard to reach cross holes. Since the parts are frozen by the process, the burrs become heavy and are battered off by the media as it blasts through the part. We can get into holes that are 0.015” or larger.

To learn more about the cryogenic deburring process take a look at deburring process page. We would be happy to review some pictures or part drawings for you. Send information to rtaylor@nitrofreeze.com or call (508) 459-7447.

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