Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dry Ice Blasting Smoke Damage From A Concrete Foundation

Last week, we traveled to New York State to dry ice blast clean a concrete foundation to remove soot and smoke damage left over after a fire. Several months ago a fire had caused severe smoke damage to a home located near Albany, New York. Rather than gut the home down to the shell and remediate the smoke damage, it was elected to raze the entire home with the exception of the foundation. Hodorowski Homes of Schenectady, New York contacted us to review the project. I had estimated the project to take one day. Several days later we were on our way to New York State to complete the job.
After spending a night near Albany International Airport; we proceeded to pick up our air compressor at Sunbelt Rentals and then on to the project site. Upon arriving at the job site, we quickly setup our gear and started dry ice blasting. Dry ice blast cleaning is a very effective way to clean soot and smoke damage from wood, concrete and metal. The foundation cleaned up very well and very quickly too. We learned that poured concrete cleans up the fastest of all smoke and soot damage applications.
Rather than spot clean the walls and floor, we were able to clean every inch of surface area for the walls and most of the floor. As a result the foundation was deodorized and smoke damaged removed. Therefore, the foundation was ready to receive its new home.
If you are interested in learning more about dry ice blasting to clean smoke and soot damage, please contact Ryan M. Taylor at (508) 459-7447. We are able to provide our dry ice blasting contract services on an as needed basis, or we can supply you with Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment that fits your needs. If you would like to learn more about Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment, please contact us at (508) 757-2300.

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