Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuning your car? Destroying Transmissions? This Might Help…

We all know modifying your car equals sweet speed and better performance but, the resulting gains in torque and horsepower can cause some serious issues to your stock parts. I am not the one to decide but ECU tuning is a great start for anyone looking for increased performance but, with each stage of increased horsepower and torque, mechanical parts must be replaced for the tune to work correctly. In particular, you may need to add parts such as an air intake, intercooler, exhaust, downpipe, stronger pistons, larger cams, or bigger turbos.

But, what about that transmission in your newly tuned car? Its stock and all you did was change the transmission oil previous to tuning the car. It is understood that not all tuned cars need their transmissions to be upgraded if only doing a stage 1 or 2 tune. However, it is highly dependent on the vehicle itself. The biggest issue arises from transmissions that are not made for the extra wear and tear from the extra tuned power. Other transmissions are built to handle extra power but only to a certain point. No matter what, tuning usually results in an upgraded clutch sooner or later.

So, if you are tuning that car or truck and adding significant power, then you need to think about your transmission. Some people have the money to buy a custom upgraded transmission; many do not and will go with a used transmission. Regardless of it being new or used, you should consider cryogenically treating your transmission gears and synchros before putting it all back together, especially if you are tuning that car significantly.

Cryogenically treating your transmission gears and synchros will increase their wear resistance significantly. They will wear far less when pushing out all that newly tuned power through them. At the same time, residual austenite will be converted to stronger martensite. This improves the structural integrity of the part and will keep it from flexing under stress. Cryo treating these gears and synchros will ensure that the transmission does not need to be torn down for years to come. Many people think that cryogenic treatment is a very expensive process. Gears and synchros can be cryo treated for less than several hundred dollars. In the case of 4 cylinders, treating these parts is less than $100 dollars. So, if you are going to spend money on new parts and equipment for your transmission, why not ensure that they last?

For more information about cryogenic treatment and its application to auto, truck, and motorcycle equipment, please visit Nitrofreeze: Cryo Treatment for Motor Sports.

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