Monday, June 22, 2009

Import Wars Racing Event at the New England Dragway in Epping, NH

On June 20, 2009 I had the opportunity to head up to Epping, New Hampshire to the New England Dragway. Although, I have visited many car shows for both new and classic cars; I have never visited a race track. Since I arrived very early in the morning, it was very desolate with just a few cars around. I knew that by the end of the day, I would see massive rubber smoke plumes and many performance tuned vehicles flying down the track.

The reason I headed up to Epping, NH for the day was because one our authorized dealers, Team XXX Racing was running an event called “Import Wars”. “Import Wars” is a racing event with a total of four track days. The first two have already transpired. The first was on May 23 and the second was on June 20. There are two track days left for the event. One will be on Saturday, August 29 and the finale will take place on Saturday, October 24. The final event is supposed to be the best of the year with hundreds of cars attending for the day. Even better, the competitors will all be looking to bring home the gold, and with it being the last event of the season, they will do whatever is necessary. It can be expected that spectators will probably see some blown up engines and transmissions that day, because limits will be pushed. Hence the reason why they might want to get wear items cryogenically treated before the final event.

If you would like to join the upcoming “Import Wars” events, then take a look at the Team XXX Racing site here at “Import Wars” involves index racing which is simply old-school drag racing. The racer has to do two things very well to win. First, the racer must cut a light very well. Second, the racer needs to run close to the index to become the winner.

As a sponsor for Team XXX Racing, we provided gift certificates to the 1st and 2nd place winners, as well as the top two semi-finalists. The same will happen at the next two events and hopefully, for many more years to come. The owner of Team XXX Racing, Rob Ingles, set up a display in the vendor section at the dragway. Team XXX Racing, Nitrofreeze, and Boston Dyno ( all joined in the booth to provide our products and services. We met a lot of good people who were interested in motor sports and high performance vehicles. Many of them had limitless knowledge on import vehicles and performance parts. It was fun to get out there and finally meet the die-hard fans of racing and see their vehicles as well.

During the day I was able to see several races. Some were just ridiculous with vehicles flying down the track that you never thought could go that fast. Some even bounced up in the air as they took off from the line due to high amounts of torque. As stated earlier, there was a lot of burnt rubber in the air, especially before the cars lined up to race. Each would get a chance to burn some rubber before moving up to the starting line. It was a great way to spend a sunny but cloudy morning and afternoon.

The “Import Wars – Showdown” event resulted with the owner of Team XXX Racing, Rob Ingles, taking first place with his Acura RSX. The second place winner and runner-up did a great job too. Overall, it was a small showing for the day, but fun nonetheless. Unfortunately, rain had been predicted for much of the weekend and it had already rained for several days this past week. This resulted in many racers not attending the event, even though we ended up with a cloudy but sunny, humid day.

I will be attending the next two events, so feel free to come by and visit our booth in the vendor’s section. Remember, the dates are August 29 and October 24. If you have to pick just one, go in October; we are expecting a blow-out. Below are the links to the sponsors of “Import Wars”.

Http:// - Cryogenic Treatment for Motor Sports
Http:// – Race Club and Performance Parts Sales

That’s all for now, but we hope to see you at the remaining events. Thank you.

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