Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cryogenic Deburring Consultation

Cryogenic deburring is one of the mainstays of our business. We take pride in solving our customers’ burr problems with efficient, fast, and affordable solutions. Within the last week, we ran the parts that are pictured at the top of our cryogenic deburring page for a new customer. I have included a photo of the part that was deburred above. We had run these parts previously for another one of our customers. It was a familiar part for us, but there were some variations from the original customer’s part. However, our new customer was very enthused with the results of our cryogenic deburring process.

Below is the email I received from our new customer.

Good Morning Ryan,

I received the parts back yesterday the 1st. of Sept.

They look great. The next time I run these we will change the ball end mill more often to get rid of the heavy burr that you noticed on some of the slots. And also I have a groove tool being made to cut the O.D. grooves in one plunge to prevent the chips from wrapping around the groove. I know you noticed these also. But your process made it much easier to remove those with just an air hose. This entire order has been a learning experience.

It will be a couple of months before these get in the machine again. I will give you a heads up at that time.

But your work has opened my eyes to approaching plastic parts in regards to quoting for the future.

Thanks again for the help,


Emails and responses from customers like this one make my day. We have many customers who are pleased with our deburring work. If you are unpleased with the way a company is currently deburring your parts, then give us a call at (800)-739-7949 or email us at We can review your parts and burr issues and give you advice as to how we can solve your problem with a safe, efficient, and affordable solution.

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