Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Outsource Your Deflashing and Deburring Needs

Since 2002, the Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. has provided cryogenic deflashing and cryogenic deburring services. We provide deflashing and deburring solutions for manufacturers of plastic, rubber and silicone parts. In recent times, we have seen a move away from doing this type of work in-house at manufacturing facilities. As more manufacturers streamline their operations to increase efficiency, it makes sense to outsource deflashing and deburring requirements. This allows companies to make better use of their employees’ time while avoiding downtime and cut fingers.

Outsourcing deflashing and deburring operations is a large step to be taken by any manufacturer. Cost savings can be realized by the manufacturer almost immediately. There will no longer be a need for deflashing or deburring equipment, which upfront can be very expensive to purchase and depreciates quite quickly. In addition, machine operators and people completing hand deburring and deflashing on the job, will no longer be needed. In addition, any raw materials required in the deflashing or deburring operation will no longer be of use. This offers great savings to the manufacturer in the short-term and long-term.

There are many reasons why outsourcing your deflashing and deburring operations to us is the right choice. First, we our standard turnaround is two days after receipt. This ensures that your parts will be processed rather quickly. In addition, we offer same-day and next-day service for 50% and 25% premiums respectively. Second, we are located in the heart of the Northeast. Parts from almost anywhere in New England can get to our location in one day. The same goes for certain areas of New York and northern New Jersey. Most other parts of the Northeast are only 2 days away via UPS, while the rest of the East Coast is about 3 days. Third, we deflash and deburr parts everyday and have for the past 7 years; allowing us to become experts at what we do. Fourth, we offer competitive pricing and given the opportunity we will price match our competitors. We make outsource deflashing and deburring easier and more efficient than doing it in-house.

Our deflashing and deburring services utilize processes named cryogenic deflashing and cryogenic deburring. This process utilizes cryogenic temperatures, tumbling, and plastic media as small as 0.006” to remove flash and burrs from parts. Due to such cold temperatures, the parts’ surface will remain unaffected and will look just like it did before it was processed with the exception that it will be flash and burr free. In addition, our different small sized medias can penetrate and remove flash and burrs in cross-holes, thru-holes and intersecting holes. Our process utilizes batch processing to keep costs per part lower. Lastly, the service offers repeatable results through the use of computer controls.

For more information about our deflashing and deburring services, please visit the corresponding link below.

If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 800-739-7949 or send me an email at rtaylor@nitrofreeze.com. We’d be happy to assist you with your outsource your deflashing or deburring operations.

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