Monday, September 14, 2009

Dry Ice Blasting at 89 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA

Over the past few years, we have completed many dry ice blasting renovation projects for home owners, commercial clients, and even construction firms. In July of 2007, we completed a project for Cardinal Construction at 89 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA. Many of you may be familiar with this building because it houses a local restaurant named VIA Italian Table on the first floor.

The job completed in July 2007 was on the third floor of 89 Shrewsbury Street. The project involved removing paint from brick walls and cleaning painted wood ceilings. Many walls were required to be cleaned to the bricks’ bare surface, bringing back their original finish from over one hundred years ago. The painted wood ceilings needed to be cleaned in a few areas that would become main offices and a conference room. The Nitrofreeze® Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Service removed the paint and left the wood with a rustic smooth finish. In less than ten days the third floor of 89 Shrewsbury Street was cleaned and construction began on the new office space. The third floor now houses the Worcester Business Development Corporation with a total of 7,200 square feet of office space. I have added a link to a brochure about the third floor project, which can be viewed below.

Worcester Business Development Corp. at 89 Shrewsbury Street

In the summer of 2009, we are revisited by Cardinal Construction. They are interested in having the second floor dry ice blasted. The tenants moving into the second floor liked the look of the fresh brick on the third floor. As a result, they requested that the same process be carried out on the second floor. A mix of brick walls and wood ceilings needed to be cleaned utilizing dry ice blast cleaning. Many walls needed significant blasting as different paints had accumulated on them over the years. Some ceiling areas required blasting as designated by the customer. In particular, the conference room and a few offices would end up with fresh wood ceilings without any imperfections or paint.

The entire job only took nine days of dry ice blast cleaning. Our cleaning process allowed us to complete the entire second floor job on time and within budget. Historic restorations have become one of the mainstays of our Nitrofreeze® Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Service. We take pride in cleaning buildings to the point that they are at or near new condition. I have added pictures below to show you various areas of the second floor of 89 Shrewsbury Street before and after dry ice blasting.

Before & After Pictures

We can dry ice blast clean your renovation projects. Call Ian Scott, our dry ice blast cleaning manager, at (508)-459-7447 today, to discuss possible projects requiring dry ice blast cleaning. For more information about dry ice blast cleaning, please visit Nitrofreeze Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Service.

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