Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dry Ice Blasting Power Generators

The Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. provides its dry ice blasting service for power generators throughout New England and parts of New York. Power generators require cleaning from time to time as maintenance procedures require. The photograph above shows us cleaning a generator in upstate Vermont.

There are many “accepted” methods for the cleaning of power generators. Some turbines are blasted with walnut shells to loosen up dirt and contaminants. The problem with this process is that walnut shells are left all over the turbine and must be removed. Another way to clean a turbine is to use detergents that are applied by hand. This takes a significant amount of time because hands only move so fast. In addition, some areas of the surface need to be scrubbed in order to remove contaminants.

The newest method to clean power generators is dry ice blast cleaning. Dry ice blasting utilizes dry ice and compressed air to remove dirt and contaminants from turbines, stators and generators. When the dry ice hits the surface it removes the contaminants and subliminates into the atmosphere. Therefore, there is no dry ice left over and the contaminants are blasted into the air. Cleaning time compared to the other two methods is also significantly reduced. Some generators can be cleaned in as little as 8-16 hours depending on size.

We have cleaned many power generators including turbines and stators for major energy companies in the New England region. If you are in need of dry ice blasting services for your power generation equipment, please contact us at 800-739-7949 or email rtaylor@nitrofreeze.com. For more information go to our web page about dry ice blasting for power generation equipment.

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