Friday, November 5, 2010

CO2 Cleaning Jet Turbines

Two weeks ago today, we had the opportunity to dry ice blast a General Electric Dash 80 jet turbine at a power station in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The purpose of the visit was to dry ice blast the jet turbine rotor and casing. The system was being overhauled to ensure many more hours of power generation.

The jet turbine technicians needed us to blast the jet turbine before they could complete their inspection. It is during the inspection process that parts not up to par are removed and replaced or overhauled. Seth and I completed the job in about a day and a half. We blasted on Friday and came back to finish Saturday morning.

A video of Seth dry ice blasting the jet turbine is below. For more information about dry ice blasting for turbines, visit our turbine dry ice blasting page.


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