Friday, May 29, 2009

Deburring Nylon & Delrin

Last week, we exhibited at the Eastec 2009 Tradeshow at the Big “E” Fairgrounds in West Springfield, MA. We met many new people who have burr issues with materials ranging from plastics to aerospace alloys. Although many of these people and their companies try to remove burrs while machining; they still find themselves with some sort of burr issue. While a significant portion of these burr issues were with metals; there were two other materials that kept being mentioned. Nylon and Delrin were two materials that had workers seeking a new solution for removing burrs.

Nylon and Delrin were problematic in terms of machining, but also with molding. Many molders had flash issues while molding these two types of materials. While we would all love to use an alternative material and just forget our burr and flash issues; it’s not that simple. Customers’ needs must be met and fulfilled. The bottom line is that they choose the material. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s Nylon or Delrin.

Many of the people we spoke with at the show are using hand deburring and deflashing. They do it because it keeps operations in-house and is relatively cheap. But, they all agree on two things. First, hand deburring lacks consistency across each part that is deburred. Second, although hand deburring is cheap it can be time consuming. It seems that most manufacturers dislike using Nylon and Delrin due to the residual burrs and flash it creates. When this work is done by hand, it is not unusual to see more burrs created.

Do I have a solution for manufacturers with Nylon and Delrin burr and flash issues? Yes, I do. Our company cannot accommodate every single part that comes through the door; due to size and other restrictions. But, we have had a strong track record deburring and deflashing these two materials. There are many advantages to outsourcing deburring and deflashing for materials like Nylon and Delrin. First, burrs and flash will be removed consistently amongst your parts. No gouges or chips in places that render parts unusable. Second, we will run your parts within two days of receipt. Your parts won’t sit in our facility for two weeks before we run them. Third, all those employees doing hand deburring can be re-assigned to other projects. Fourth, with prices per part as low as $0.02 each; how can it not make sense?

For more information about our services, visit the following links.

Cryogenic Deburring
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