Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cryo Treated Transmissions

The Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. cryo treats racing enthusiasts’ transmissions for longer life, higher levels of durability and smoother shifting. We have treated thousands of transmissions since we started cryogenic processing in 2003.

Transmissions wear with age and mileage. As a result, some fail prematurely and need to be replaced. In addition, racers who tune their vehicles to higher levels of horsepower and torque also induce more stress on their transmissions. This can also lead to a premature death of your transmission.

Steel components will benefit from three transformations. The first is residual stress relief. Steel parts still retain a certain percentage of residual stresses after heat treatment. Cryogenic treatment will further eliminate these stresses, reducing the micro stresses that a part could fatigue along.

The second transformation is termed the precipitation of eta-carbides. Steel parts will see eta-carbides populate dramatically in the crystalline structure. The precipitation of eta-carbides allows parts to enjoy a higher level of wear resistance, often 100% or over what it would be if left untreated.

Third, the crystal structure will become more robust with increased toughness after cryogenic treatment. Retained austenite from the heat treatment process will be converted to martensite during the cryogenic treatment process. This creates a more uniform microstructure free of imperfections and voids that could result in part failure.

Transmissions shipped to our location need to be disassembled prior to cryogenic treatment. Also, all plastic and rubber parts should be removed as they will not survive the process. We do not recommend that you treat the casing of the transmission.

Cost to cryo treat a transmission ranges from $150 for a 4 cylinder transmission to $350 for a V8 transmission. If you are tuning your vehicle and don’t want to experience a sudden, catastrophic failure of your transmission, then you should look into cryo. The cost outweighs the price of losing a race or even the time and labor to find a new one.

If you would like to learn more about cryo treatment for your transmission and other racing parts, please visit our cryogenic treatment for motor sports page. If you have questions regarding cryo treatment, please email us at or call us at (800) 739-7949.

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