Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deflashing for Rubber

Cryogenic deflashing has existed for several decades to serve the rubber and silicone molding industries. For several decades this process has helped remove residual flash left over by the molding process. Flash along parting lines, in holes, and gates vestiges can be removed by this deflashing process.

The process originally was created to remove flash from molded o-rings made of rubber and silicone. The parts would be loaded in a tumbler which would pump nitrogen in to cool the parts while tumbling them against one another. As time progressed, media was added to the process to help remove flash in hard to reach places. The addition of media to the process has resulted in an increase in overall applications.

Today components from aerospace, defense, medical and many other industries are processed using cryogenic deflashing. Parts made of rubber and silicone tend to leave behind excess flash that must be removed. The easiest way to remove flash from these parts is to use a cryogenic deflashing system or service. At our facility, in Worcester, MA we provide cryogenic deflashing as a service to molders of rubber and silicone. In addition, we also provide cryogenic deflashing systems to our customers that need to bring this process in-house.

If you are having problems deflashing your parts, let us know. We would be pleased to assist you in evaluating your parts for our deflashing process. Please contact us at 800-739-7949 or email me at rtaylor@nitrofreeze.com. To learn more about the cryogenic deflashing process, please visit our deflashing page.

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