Monday, September 19, 2011

Nylon Deburring

The Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. utilizes its Nitrofreeze Deburring Process to remove burrs from machined parts for customers throughout the United States. From our new headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts we provide our nylon deburring service with a fast turnaround of only 2 business days after receipt. We are capable of fulfilling this quick turnaround thanks to added capacity with the acquisition of our new 5,000 square foot facility. Our new facility boasts a lean production floor providing plenty of room for our two cryogenic deflashing systems.

As many machinists know, nylon is one of those fickle materials that simply loves to leave burrs behind after machining. Rather than have one of your colleagues or employees deburr each part by hand, we offer a batch deburring process capable of removing all these burrs in just minutes.

The Nitrofreeze Deburring Process removes burrs through cold temperatures, tumbling, and media blasting. We take the parts near the glass transition point of your part’s material, then tumble the parts slowly while plastic media as small as 0.015” blasts at the parts. Our process offers repeatable results from lot to lot while offering you a low price-per-part.

To learn more about our deburring process, visit our new cryogenic deburring website. We offer pre-production engineering evaluations (PPEE) to show you what our process can do for your nylon parts. This evaluation includes multiple samples, production sized lot process creation, as well as before and after photographs.

If you are pleased with the results, we will issue you a quotation for our contract service. In addition, if you want to bring our proprietary process in-house as many manufacturers do, we can provide you with a cryogenic deburring system. We will provide you with your parts’ process variables, training, and the technical know-how to conduct Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Deburring on your nylon parts. To learn more, please contact Ryan M. Taylor at (800) 739-7949 or at

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Deflashing Rubber Service

The Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. provides its proprietary Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Deflashing Service to customers across the United States. Our new facility located in Worcester, Massachusetts has boosted capacity so that we are capable of deflashing your rubber parts in two business days after receipt.

Our deflashing process utilizes cold temperatures, tumbling and plastic media blasting to remove flash from the interior and exterior of your parts. The process is completed in batches so that throughput is increased and price per part is lower when compared to alternative deflashing processes such as hand deflashing.

Since introducing our Nitrofreeze Deflashing Service in 2003, we have cryogenically deflashed many types of rubber. Parts made of EPDM, Neoprene, Viton, Acrylic, Nitrile, Butadiene, Butyl, Silicone and many other types of rubber are great candidates for our deflashing process. We offer free evaluations of your parts to see if they are a good fit for our process. If they are a good fit, then we can process samples for a nominal fee.

If you are satisfied with the results of our deflashing process as most of our customers are, we will issue you a quotation for our contract service. If you are interested in bringing our proprietary cryogenic deflashing process in to your facility, we will be glad to provide you with equipment and the technical knowledge to do so. To learn more about our cryogenic deflashing service and deflashing equipment, please contact Ryan M. Taylor by phone at (800) 739-7949 or by email at

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